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The blueberry is a berry fruit type, of bluish color, that grows from a shrub ranging in size between 30cm. to 2 meters of height. The species are native to North America, but it is now grown in temperate climates in both hemispheres. The fruit, harvested once a year, is round in shape with a flared feature “crown” and is between 5 and 16 mm in diameter, depending on variety. When ripe, it tastes sweet, with variable acidity.
Blueberries are considered a “super fruit” due to its great health benefits, its high content of antioxidants, and its richness in vitamins and minerals. Thanks to these excellent nutritional properties, blueberries are increasingly consumed worldwide in a variety of forms: fresh, frozen, dried, jam, juice, etc.


To increase the volume of production and obtain a longer harvest period, Blueberries S.A. has been studying and incorporating different blueberry varieties. In this way, it is possible to take advantage of a window of time and meet counter-season product demand by the Northern hemisphere beginning in September. In addition, these varieties possess a number of qualities that represent a great improvement over traditional ones, such as a larger amount of production of fruit per plant, increased fruit size and the ability to stay fresh longer after harvest.

Blueberry varieties which are produced by Blueberries S. A. are as follows:



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